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Branding, Web Design, Web Development, WordPress

This is a project that our Director, Jo, started in August 2010. She had moved to Portsmouth 2 years before and wanted to meet more people in our industry. So she started a networking evening called Portsmouth Freelancers Meet.

Since starting as a little meetup with 3-4 people, it’s grown to a have around 20-30 people attend every month. We also throw annual Christmas and Summer parties where we have 50+ people attend.


Over the years we’ve also put on quizzes, charity raffles, an evening of talks & doodling at our Dribbble meetup, and various other events!

It’s the project we’re most proud of. We’re very passionate about the world of freelancing, and it’s great to have a group of local people who you can lean on for support, or just meet up with for a casual drink once a month.

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