Case Study: Radiophonic Workshop: In Conversation & In Concert

The Radiophonic Workshop attended a one off event at the University of Chichester which included a series of talks with the members of the Workshop, followed by an exclusive live concert.

Web Design & Development

The main challenge of the website was the amount of information that needed to be presented to the user, as well as keeping it simple so that the purpose was clear and driving users towards ticket sales.

The website was a bespoke design, custom build and integrated with WordPress for ease of updating. The design itself took inspiration from the Radiophonic Workshop’s logo and electronic music in general, as well as Doctor Who, for which the group are famously known for producing the theme tune.

Official Programme Design

For the event itself we produced a 16 page official programme for attendees and guests. The programme contained useful information about the event as well as exclusive interviews with speakers.



We produced official photographs of the event, during the talks as well as at the live concert.  The photographs can all be viewed on our Facebook page.